April 21, 2015: News, Region

A day in the life of a Mosel grape

Young Alexander Arns, from the Arns & Sohn Estate in Reil, made a very atmospheric fast-forward film which could be called "the day of a grape on a Mosel slope".

The film was made in the Reil / Burg straight just downriver from Enkirch, where the Arns family (but also for instance the Melsheimer Estate) tend their vines. In this sector, the Mosel flows due north. This means that both sides of the river (facing respectively to the east and to the west) enjoy enough sunshine for winemaking.

The weather in the film shot in August 2014 is far from perfect. However, not only is this quite realistic for the Mosel, but also quite welcome as Riesling likes this more than Mediterranean sunshine!

(NB: M├╝hlenresch mentioned at the beginning of the film is a sector (Gewann) in the east-facing single vineyard Reiler Falklay)



(© film: Weingut Arns & Sohn / Vimeo - Text: Mosel Fine Wines - all rights reserved)

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