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Bernkasteler Ring Riesling Presentation 2015 | May 29 and Jun 2, 2015

A quick heads up on the annual Riesling presentation by the Bernkasteler Ring which will be held in a few weeks' time.

The presentation season is in full swing now. We provide here a quick advance notice on the annual presentation by the members of the Bernkasteler Ring. This one will be held in Trier (Friday May 29) and Bernkastel (Tuesday Jun 2).

The Bernkasteler Ring is a grower association which regroups a series of Estates which regularly do extremely well in our Issues and whose wines we regularly highlight as “Wines of the Month” (see a few recent examples in the set of "other stories" here below).

  • Bastgen
  • Bauer
  • Erben von Beuwitz
  • Clüsserath-Eifel
  • Martin Conrad
  • Reinhold Franzen
  • Leo Fuchs
  • Albert Gessinger
  • Goerg
  • Albert Kallfelz
  • Kanzlerhof
  • Kees-Kieren
  • Kerpen
  • Lehnert-Veit
  • Carl Loewen / Schmitt-Wagner
  • Gebrüder Ludwig
  • Paulinshof
  • Dr. Pauly-Bergweiler / Peter Nicolay
  • Philipps-Eckstein
  • Richard Richter
  • Rebenhof
  • FJ Regnery
  • Johann-Peter Reinert
  • Andreas Schmitges
  • St. Nikolaus-Hospital
  • Werner

This year, the dates for the Bernkasteler Ring presentation match nicely with those of another event, the Mythos Riesling, which will be held over that weekend (May 29-31) and on which we reported separately. Those who wish could go for Riesling overload!

More information on the presentation by the Bernkasteler Ring can be found on the association’s website and facebook page.

NB: As usual, no commercial ties whatsoever with the event / association, only the wish to mention a great event to attend if one enjoys Mosel wines.

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