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Mythos Mosel - Wine Tasting Event - 2015

Mythos Mosel 2016 | June 10-12, 2016

An advance notice and some background information on a great annual wine tasting event celebrating Mosel Riesling.

We provide some advance notice to what promises to be a superb opportunity to visit and taste wines from many of the top Estates of the Mosel. Should you plan to visit the Mosel region this year, you may want to pencil in the second weekend in June for doing so.

Mythos Mosel | 100 Wine Growers Celebrating Mosel Wine

The Mythos Mosel event is an event held each year in a different stretch of the Mosel. In 2014, it took place in the southern part of the Middle Mosel. In 2015, it was held in the central part of the Middle Mosel. Guess where it will be held in 2016? Indeed, in the northern part of the Middle Mosel, from Ürzig to Pünderich, on June 11-12, 2016 (with a Opening Dinner in the evening of June 10 to start off the festivities).

The Mythos Mosel concept is quite simple:

In 2016, over 100 winemakers will participate to the event, making it the ideal place to taste wines from well-known growers or to discover new talents.

Mythos Mosel 2016 | Practical Information

All participating Estates and locations have been conveniently summarized in the flyer on the website here (click on picture):

All practical information can be found on the Event's web presence (it is mostly in German but you can contact the organisers for help):

Tickets, including those to the highly sought-after Opening Dinner, have just gone on sale a few days ago.

Having participated to it ourselves, we can warmly recommend this event which brings all leading winemakers from the Mosel, be them from the VDP, the Bernkasteler Ring or other associations. All makers are there, united in the celebration of Mosel Riesling!

(Disclaimer: We have no stake in or any commercial relationship with this event whatsoever. We just want to draw the attention to what seems to us a great event for tasting Mosel wines)

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