August 14, 2014 |News | Events

Saar Riesling Sommer | August 22-24, 2014

A heads up and some background information on a great wine tasting event celebrating Saar Riesling (and more!)

For those living close enough to the Saar or plan to visit the region next week: we would like to draw the attention to the Saar Riesling Sommer 2014 event on August 22-24.

At this occasion, many of the leading Estates of the Saar open their doors for tasting. There is also some bus shuttle foreseen to move conveniently between the estates.

Further details on the event (timing, bus schedules, price, dinner events, ...) can be found on Saar Sommer Riesling (Website in German).

NB: As usual, no commercial ties whatsoever with the event / association, only the wish to mention a great event to attend if one enjoys Mosel wines.

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