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Saar Riesling Wine Tasting Event 2015

Saar Riesling Sommer 2015 | August 28-30, 2015

A heads up and some background information on a great wine tasting event celebrating Saar Riesling (and more!)

The Saar Sommer Riesling event was first launched three years ago by a series of innovative winemakers active in the Saar Valley. The concept of the event is quite simple:

The concept proved so successful that it has been taken over by other events such as Mythos Mosel since.

Besides well-known Saar and Mosel names, some high profile producers of Spätburgunder from Southern Germany as well as a few Estates from Luxembourg will participate to the 2015 edition of the event:

Saar Riesling Wine Tasting Event 2015

Further details on the event (timing, bus schedules, price, dinner events, ...) can be found on Saar Sommer Riesling (Website in German).

NB: As usual, no commercial ties whatsoever with the event / association, only the wish to mention a great event to attend if one enjoys Mosel wines.

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