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Weingut Friedrich-Wilhelm-Gymnasium | Scharzberger | 1959 | Weinetikett | Wine Label

1959er Friedrich-Wilhelm-Gymnasium Scharzberger Auslese

This piece of 1959er Riesling proved a highlight from our look-back at the Mosel vintages before 1960.

Mature Mosel | Vintages from before 1960

The first issue of the year is, as usual, dedicated to maturing Mosel wines. This year's issue included a look back at "the 1960s and older" vintages, in which we have re-tasted, among others, many wines from the grand 1959 vintage.

Weingut Friedrich-Wilhelm-Gymnasium | 1959er Scharzberger Auslese

The 1959 vintage is one of the all-time great vintages in the Mosel. This Scharzberger by the historic Weingut Friedrich-Wilhelm-Gymnasium proves one of the highlights of the vintage. It plays on the strengths of fresher vineyards of the Saar to deliver a stunning array of flavors.

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Tasting Note | Extract from Mosel Fine Wines Issue No 21 (March 2013)



Scharzberger Auslese


This perfectly stored bottle offers a subdued nose which opens up only slowly to some candied grapefruit and smoke. Almond and flowers come through on the palate, which lead to a grandiose and subtle off-dry finish. More smoke and some apricot tree flowers bring a stunning airy side to the whole experience. The feel on the palate is just incredibly smooth and yet precise and the finish is to die for. This is a stunning effort and a great wine to enjoy on a long cold evening. Now

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