Issue Highlights 2019-2018

Monthly Articles on Highlights from our Issues

January 3, 2020

2018er Knebel Winninger Uhlen GG

This modern-day classic dry Riesling completely defies the ripe DNA of the vintage >>>

December 2, 2019

2018er Max Ferd. Richter Wehlener Sonnenuhr TBA

The ripe and round 2018 nevertheless generated some true modern-day legends, such as this TBA by Weingut Max Ferd. Richter >>>

November 1, 2019

2018er Schloss Lieser Wehlener Sonnenuhr GG

We highlight a stunning dry Riesling which proves deep and elegant >>>

October 2019

2018er Nik Weis Mosel Riesling (White Label)

We put the spotlight on one of the finest Estate wines we have ever tasted and which completely defies the ripeness of 2018 >>>

September 2019

2018er Cantzheim Saar Der Altenberg

This wine by the recently set-up Weingut Cantzheim completely defies the ripe and round DNA of the 2018 vintage >>>

August 2019

2018er Julian Haart Piesporter

2018: Only about ripeness and low acidity? No, as Julian Haart showed with this brilliant dry wine >>>

July 2019

2018er A.J. Adam Dhroner Hofberg Kabinett

A few growers like A.J. Adam completely outdid the ripe DNA of 2018. Learn here how >>>

June 2019

2009er Karthäuserhof Eitelsbacher Karthäuserhofberg GG

Karthäuserhof crafted one of the finest dry Riesling from anywhere in the world in 2009. Here is the story >>>

May 2019

2009er Immich-Batterieberg Enkircher Ellergrub

Immich-Batterieberg nailed the 2009 vintage in what was its rebirth year >>>

April 2019

2009er Merkelbach Ürziger Würzgarten Riesling Auslese (Auction)

This stunning Auslese by the Merkelbach brothers proves a highlight of our 2009 retrospective >>>

March 2019

2017er Dönnhoff Niederhäuser Hermannshöhle GG

Dönnhoff hit the bull’s eye in 2017, producing many of the finest dry Riesling in this remarkable vintage. Here some background >>>

February 2019

2016er Wwe. Dr. Thanisch (Müller-Burggraef) Wehlener Sonnenuhr Spätlese Reserve

This late-released off-dry Riesling underlines the greatness of the 2016 vintage and the value of extended cask aging >>>

January 2019

2017er Stefan Müller Niedermenniger Sonnenberg Kabinett Alte Reben

2017 was a great vintage. Young Stefan Müller seized the opportunity to produce some grandiose Riesling >>>

December 2018

2016er Tobias Feiden Winninger Spätburgunder Marbleous

This superb Spätburgunder underlines the strides in quality made by the red wines in the Mosel >>>

November 2018

2017er Selbach-Oster Zeltinger Sonnenuhr Auslese Rotlay

This stunning high-end Auslese underlines the incredibly high quality of the 2017 vintage >>>

October 2018

2017er Wwe Dr. H. Thanisch (Thanisch) Berncasteler Doctor Spätlese (Auction)

A gloriously complex Spätlese by this classic Estate in Bernkastel >>>

October 2018

2016er Reinhold Franzen Bremmer Calmont Fachkaul GG (Auction)

A stunning dry Riesling by the still completely under-rated Estate in the Terrassenmosel >>>

September 2018

2016er Später-Veit Piesporter Goldtröpfchen Kabinett Armes

A great discovery: Weingut Später-Veit. It produced, among others, one of the finest Kabinett from 2016 >>>

August 2018

2017er Dr. Hermann Erdener Prälat Auslese Alte Reben GK

The 2017er vintage delivered some stunner. Few epitomize the brilliance, purity and vibrancy of this vintage as this Auslese by Dr. Hermann >>>

July 2018

2017er von Hövel Scharzhofberger Kabinett

The 2017er vintage delivered some stunner. Few epitomize the brilliance, purity and vibrancy of this vintage as this Kabinett by von Hövel >>>

June 2018

2008er Dr. Lippold Ürziger Würzgarten Spätlese Alte Reben

This stunning Spätlese from our extensive 2008 “10-Years-After” retrospective underlines the great classic qualities of this under-rated vintage >>>

May 2018

2008er Georg Breuer Rüdesheimer Berg Schlossberg

2008 vintage proved a remarkable vintage for dry Riesling with real brilliance at the top. This concerns in particular this amazing wine by Georg Breuer >>>

April 2018

1998er von Schubert Maximin Grünhäuser Abtsberg

Our extensive 1998 retrospective highlighted, among others, one of the finest QPR of Mosel history >>>

March 2018

2016er Koehler-Ruprecht Kallstadter Saumagen Spätlese Trocken

2016 delivered a huge number of great dry Riesling, including a magical Spätlese Trocken by Koehler-Ruprecht >>>

February 2018

2015er Clemens Busch Pündericher Marienburg Fahrlay Terrassen Trocken GG

One of the finest dry Riesling we tasted last year proved to be a late-released effort by Clemens Busch >>>

January 2018

2016er Reinhold Haart Wintricher Ohligsberg GG

2016 yielded much great dry Riesling, including this little jewel by Weingut Reinhold Haart >>>