Issue Highlights 2018-2017

Every month, we highlight some wines from our issues!

August 2018

2017er Dr. Hermann Erdener Prälat Auslese Alte Reben GK

The 2017er vintage delivered some stunner. Few epitomize the brilliance, purity and vibrancy of this vintage as this Auslese by Dr. Hermann >>>

July 2018

2017er von Hövel Scharzhofberger Kabinett

The 2017er vintage delivered some stunner. Few epitomize the brilliance, purity and vibrancy of this vintage as this Kabinett by von Hövel >>>

June 2018

2008er Dr. Lippold Ürziger Würzgarten Spätlese Alte Reben

This stunning Spätlese from our extensive 2008 “10-Years-After” retrospective underlines the great classic qualities of this under-rated vintage >>>

May 2018

2008er Georg Breuer Rüdesheimer Berg Schlossberg

2008 vintage proved a remarkable vintage for dry Riesling with real brilliance at the top. This concerns in particular this amazing wine by Georg Breuer >>>

April 2018

1998er von Schubert Maximin Grünhäuser Abtsberg

Our extensive 1998 retrospective highlighted, among others, one of the finest QPR of Mosel history >>>

March 2018

2016er Koehler-Ruprecht Kallstadter Saumagen Spätlese Trocken

2016 delivered a huge number of great dry Riesling, including a magical Spätlese Trocken by Koehler-Ruprecht >>>

February 2018

2015er Clemens Busch Pündericher Marienburg Fahrlay Terrassen Trocken GG

One of the finest dry Riesling we tasted last year proved to be a late-released effort by Clemens Busch >>>

January 2018

2016er Reinhold Haart Wintricher Ohligsberg GG

2016 yielded much great dry Riesling, including this little jewel by Weingut Reinhold Haart >>>

December 2017

2016er Blees-Ferber Leiwener Laurentiuslay Eiswein ***

2016 was a major vintage for Eiswein. The Laurentiuslay *** by Blees-Ferber proves one of the vintage's finest and most affordable >>>

November 2017

2016er Markus Molitor Graacher Domprobst Spätlese (White Capsule)

Markus Molitor produced an awe-inspiring collection in 2016, which includes this stunning dry Riesling >>>

October 2017

2016er von Othegraven Kanzemer Altenberg Kabinett (Auction)

The 2017 VDP Mosel Auction saw record high prices but also fine values, among which a superb Kabinett by von Othegraven >>>

October 2017

2016er Peter Neu-Erben Wiltinger Klosterberg Spätlese (Auction)

The 2017 Bernkasteler Ring Auction delivered a whole string of fine values, including a stunning Spätlese by the lesser-known Peter Neu-Erben Estate >>>

September 2017

2016er S.A. Prüm Ockfener Bockstein Spätlese

The expansion and changes at S.A. Prüm yielded this superb 2016er Ockfener Bockstein Spätlese. Here is the story >>>

August 2017

2016er Longuicher Maximiner Herrenberg Trocken 1896 Alte Reben

2016 delivered some stunner cut along the canons of 1997, including this brilliant dry Riesling by the up-and-coming Carl Loewen Estate >>>

July 2017

Hofgut Falkenstein Krettnacher Euchariusberg Kabinett Alte Reben

The overall riper 2016 vintage hides in its midst some true gems including this awe-inspiring Kabinett by Hofgut Falkenstein >>>

June 2017

2007er Keller Westhofener Brunnenhäuschen Abtserde GG

Unsurprisingly, Keller yielded one of the highlights of our horizontal review of 2007 dry Riesling >>>

June 2017

2007er Georg Breuer Rauenthaler Nonnenberg

Georg Breuer is one of the finest and most reliable sources for dry Riesling. No wonder its Nonnenberg proved a highlight of our 2007 retrospective >>>

May 2017

1997er Fritz Haag Brauneberger Juffer-Sonnenuhr Auslese GK Fuder 9

This highlight from our extensive 1997 Riesling retrospective delivers almost everything one can expect from a refined Auslese GK >>>

May 2017

2007er Heymann-Löwenstein Winninger Uhlen R Auslese lange GK (Auction)

This stunning noble-sweet Riesling underlines why Auslese GK is the sweet spot of 2007 Riesling vintage >>>

April 2017

2007er Joh. Jos. Prüm Bernkasteler Badstube Auslese

This highlight from our extensive 2007 Retrospective epitomizes everything great about the vintage >>>

April 2017

1997er von Schubert Maximin Grünhäuser Abtsberg Kabinett

Our extensive 1997 retrospective yielded many superb wines, among which a spectacularly complete Kabinett by Maximin Grünhaus >>>

March 2017

2015er Emrich-Schönleber Monzinger Halenberg Riesling GG

2015 saw some superb dry German Riesling at the hand of leading growers, among which Emrich-Schönleber and its highly elegant Halenberg GG >>>

March 2017

2015er Schäfer-Fröhlich Monzinger Frühlingsplätzchen Riesling GG

2015 saw some superb dry German Riesling at the hand of leading growers such as Schäfer-Fröhlich: Its Frühlingsplätzchen GG is a roaring success >>>

February 2017

2015er Knebel Riesling von den Terrassen

Matthias Knebel produced an impressive collection of dry-tasting wines in 2015, including a superb von den Terrassen which offers great value >>>

February 2017

2015er Materne & Schmitt Lehmener Lay Riesling

This new up-and-coming Estate delivered gorgeous wines in 2015, including a great dry-tasting Riesling from the Lehmener Lay >>>

January 2017

2015er Selbach-Oster Zeltinger Sonnenuhr Spätlese *

The sweet spot of 2015 was Spätlese and Auslese and Weingut Selbach-Oster made the most of it, among others with a stunning Spätlese * >>>

January 2017

2015er Schloss Lieser Lieserer Niederberg Helden GG

Known for its fruity and sweet wines, Schloss Lieser outdid itself with a stunning set of dry Riesling in 2015, including this gem >>>