June 1, 2012: News,Wines of the Month, Mature Riesling

1975er Sanitätsrat Dr. Ronde Trittenheimer Apotheke BA

We highlight in June another great wine from our Maturing Mosel Issue, this time a stunning mature Mosel Riesling from the 1970s made by on of the former legendary Estates.

(image: Mosel Fine Wines, all rights reserved)

The April issue is dedicated to maturing Mosel wines. At this occasion, we dive each year into a different decade. In our latest Issue (No 18 - April 2012), we focused on the great 1970s decade, which produced some stunning wines.

We want to highlight this great decade by selecting a stunning 1975er Beerenauslese as wine of the month. This particular example was made by one of the legendary Estates in the region, which was unfortunately given up in the 1980s: the Weingut Sanitätsrat Dr. Ronde in Neumagen. We can only urge readers to try to find some wines from this magical decade (and, if at all possible, from this great producer) and to experience fine mature Riesling for themselves!


Sanitätsrat Dr. Ronde

Trittenheimer Apotheke Riesling BA

14 76


This offers a stunning nose of raisin, candied lemon, fresh orange and spices as well as some camphor which adds depth to the experience. The wine is racy, intense and beautifully balanced on the palate, with great notes of fruits as well as zesty acidity. The finish is deliciously sweet and racy. This is a great wine and a superb tribute to this former grand Estate. Now

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