April 30, 2015: News, Events

VDP.Weinbörse Mainz 2015 - Some News from the Mosel Front

The VDP.Weinbörse also brought its set of news, among which a new wine, a new label and a new generation.

A New Wine

The Schloss Lieser Estate showcased its first wines from the Wehlener Sonnenuhr. Readers of Mosel Fine Wines will have heard about this last year: The full story on where and how much Schloss Lieser owns in this vineyard was covered in Issue No 25 – Jun 2014 (an Issue available to subscribers on simple email request).

A New Label

The Dr. Fischer Estate presented its new label. It takes its inspirate from its former Estate in Wawern.

A New Generation

The third and possibly most exciting news was the presence and active participation of the new generation of Geltz-Zilliken Estate. At just a few weeks of age, young Theo was already helping out his parents Philipp and Dorothee Zilliken (and proud grandfather Hanno!) ... by being as gentle and quiet as a baby can be!

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