August 1, 2012: News, Wines of the Month

2011er Dr. Fischer Riesling

The wine of the month August is a juicy Estate Riesling from a winemaker on the rebound since a few years now, the Dr; Fischer Estate.

(image: Weingut Dr. Fischer, all rights reserved)

A warm and dry month of September 2011 allowed the grapes to reach comparatively high levels of ripeness, which is usually very beneficial for basic wines.

This month we feature such a juicy Estate wine from the Dr. Fischer Estate, which seems on the rebound lately. We were also quite impressed by the Estate's 2011 collection, which delivered plenty of juicy wines full of complexity and freshness. Find out more in our latest issue No 19 - July 2012.


Dr. Fischer


03 12


Made with pressure tanks (a technique largely abandoned but which has made the success of such Estates as von Schubert and Joh. Jos. Prüm in the past), this "mere" Estate bottling is pure fun. White peach, smoke and flowers on the nose give way to juicy and fruity flavors on the palate. Despite all the immediate rewards of drinkability, this is surprisingly refined and elegant. This is textbook Estate wine: fresh, light and delicious. Now-2016

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