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An Independent Publication since 2008 on Mosel Riesling ... and Beyond!

Mosel Fine Wines is the brainchild of Jean Fisch and David Rayer, two wine lovers with a sweet spot for Mosel and Riesling in general (in particular mature ones) ... among a whole range of other wine interests including Burgundy, Champagne, Piedmont, etc. (the list would be too long to publish completely here!).

In October 2008, they took on the mad idea to launch a publication on Mosel Riesling, capitalizing on the regular visits both were paying to the Mosel anyway (both live near the region).

Both pursue professional careers outside of the wine business which makes their advise completely independent from any commercial considerations: Mosel Fine Wines has no commercial relationship with any Estate, association, or organization.

While the focus is Mosel Riesling, Mosel Fine Wines also regularly includes reports from other parts of Germany or Riesling in general. This includes a comprehensive coverage of dry German Riesling as well as the annual Auction in Bad Kreuznach.

5-6 Issues Released Every Year on Vintages, Estates, and Wines at Maturity

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The aim of the publication is to provide wine lovers with the tools and the guidance to understand and enjoy the beauty of Mosel and German Riesling. Mosel Fine Wines Issues therefore cover:

A Database with over 16,500 Tasting Notes Integrated into CellarTracker

In addition, subscribers to both Mosel Fine Wines and CellarTracker benefit from a database access to all tasting notes of Mosel Fine Wines. More information can be found on the database page here.

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Mosel Fine Wines Issues are released 5-6 times per year and are distributed as PDF document via email to subscribers. Subscription is completely free of charge.

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