Mosel Fine Wines | Data Policy

Mosel Fine Wines is an online publication on (and beyond) Mosel Riesling. It releases report-format Issues 5-6 times per year and sends these as pdf file via email to its subscribers. It complements this by providing some up-to-date information on Mosel Riesling (and beyond!) on a free-to-read basis via its website.

Mosel Fine Wines does not rely on cookies for operating its website and hence does not collect any information on its site visitor beyond the statistical information (total number of visits, etc.) captured by its internet service provider.

Mosel Fine Wines will store the forename, name, and email address of its subscribers with the sole purpose of a proper and convivial communication in the context of the distribution of its publication. For security reasons, these data sets are stored off-line.

Any subscriber to Mosel Fine Wines can unsubscribe at any moment by simply sending an mail at His/her subscription and, in the case of a co-subscription with CellarTracker, his/her access to the Mosel Fine Wines tasting notes database within CellarTracker will be terminated and his/her data set removed from the database managed by Mosel Fine Wines.

We encourage any of our readers or prospective subscribers to contact us at should there be any question as to our data policy. We will be happy to clarify any open question.